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What Can Job Teach Us About Grief and Lament

I was delighted to be invited to share some of story on the ACTS Seminary podcast, "Seminary Insider." We discussed my experience as a Canadian National and Olympic track athlete, as a counselor and administrator in the public school setting, and how in my retirement I felt called to ACTS Seminary to learn more about my faith, grief from a Christian perspective, women in Scripture, and the place of women within the church.

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When Life Goes Sideways

We all experience moments where life suddenly goes sideways. These are the times where we think we are headed in one direction, anticipating how the day or the upcoming week or month or year will unfold. But then, something flips those plans upside down. It might be a worrisome phone call that awakens us in the middle of the night. Or when something interferes with our career aspirations. A relationship explodes. A loved one is given a scary health diagnosis. A promising opportunity evaporates. Someone dies. Or, how the COVID virus has de-railed so many of the expectations and plans we had for 2020. Last spring was exhilarating. When my book, When Grief Descends: Suffering, Consolation, and the Book of Job, was first released on Amazon last spring it became a #1 bestseller in 11 categories. I participated in a number of forums and podcasts that allowed me to promote and discuss the book. I wrote guest posts for a number of blogs. And I was honored to teach a class on loss and grief...

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Guest Post: When Grief Descends: Suffering, Consolation and The Book of Job

I met Jeanne Takenaka on social media. So while I have not had the privilege of meeting her in person, as is often the case with social media we have connected in a number of places on-line and become friends. Jeanne is kind, honest, authentic and encouraging. She is a woman of faith. She has a blog, entitled, Jeanne Takenaka, ( where she posts her insightful writing and her beautiful photographs. Jeanne generously invited me to contribute a guest post for her blog as a way to help me spread the word about my recently released book, When Grief Descends: Suffering, Consolation, and the Book of Job. You can find my guest post at Jeanne Takenaka's website "Grief: One Author’s Lessons From the Book of Job"—Grief is not a complete, linear process. It is complex. #grief #perspective @JeanneTakenaka @EAMorelli It is possible to purchase When Grief Descends: Suffering, Consolation, and The Book of Job through either Amazon or Barnes and...

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Introducing: When Grief Descends: Suffering, Consolation, and The Book of Job

I am thrilled that my book When Grief Descends: Suffering, Consolation, and The Book of Job, has been launched into the world this morning! The paperback or e-book can be purchased from either, Amazon or Barnes and Noble: Barnes and Noble It has also been listed on Goodreads Amazon is having a special on the e-book version from today, the 23rd, until Friday, the 27th. They are offering the e-book for free for these first 4days! So, if you would consider downloading the e-book or ordering a copy of the book today, it would help to spread the word and help with the book’s ranking. Heartfelt thanks for all your support and encouragement.

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Marg – A Kingdom Agent

I met Marg Mowczko through social media. As is often the case through social media, I am not exactly sure how and when we initially got connected, but somehow through Twitter and Facebook, we got linked up when I started reading her insightful and thoughtful writing. Marg is a scholar, theologian, and writer. Her primary interest and focus is studying and writing about women in ministry. At points in her faith journey, she became persuaded of the equality and mutuality of men and women in Christian marriage and ministry. This transformed her theology and how she now views women in Scripture and women's roles and responsibilities within the church. Her writing about these issues is incredibly well-researched and insightful. She articulates her beliefs and then proceeds to back them up with solid, robust theological discussion. She is courageous and tenacious. The push back against her theology, by those who subscribe to a complementarian view,...

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Thankful for Kindred Spirits

Louise and I first met when we both worked at the Vernon Family Resource Center. She worked with the mental health referrals and I was in charge of the Community Lay Counselling Program. We immediately became fast friends. Even though we are very different in some ways, we also tend to see people and the world around us in similar ways. You know these kinds of friends. These are the kindred spirits. The ones you only have to make eye contact with and a multitude of things are communicated without having to say a word. No explanations are needed. You just get each other. it is like you have come home. We quickly discovered we lived right around the corner from each other in a rural community just outside of Vernon. She and her partner had a large property and had many animals including a horse, cat, and rabbits. When they would go away for holidays they would ask our three young sons to take care of the animals, which our little boys just loved doing. So our lives began to shift into...

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Introducing: Anne’s New Book

  I am thrilled to share that my solo book is scheduled to be published in late June! I also recognize that this is a challenging time to release a book. Throughout the world we have had to face, and unexpectedly deal with, the adversity associated with the pandemic and social distancing, injustice, economic struggles, political unrest, the illness and death of loved ones, and the loss of things such as personal freedom, safety, regular routines, certainty, control, companionship, and physical connection. However, I do believe the book and the timing of its release is providential. The book focuses on how we can grow in our capacity to handle loss and process grief. How we can enter into adversity and suffering and provide healing consolation. The book draws from the biblical Book of Job and what it can help teach us about a theology of suffering, lamenting, grieving, and providing consolation -  so that we can move from being miserable comforters like Job’s companions and...

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Up until now, Job has been one of my least favourite books of the Bible. Anne Mackie Morelli’s beautifully written book, which draws on the expertise of both biblical scholars and counsellors has changed that. The author takes us through Job’s grieving process and, from his example and that of his friends, she highlights practical and timeless ways we can help those who are grieving, including ourselves. 

Marg Mowczko  M.A., BTh

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