I met Jeanne Takenaka on social media. So while I have not had the privilege of meeting her in person, as is often the case with social media we have connected in a number of places on-line and become friends.

Jeanne is kind, honest, authentic and encouraging. She is a woman of faith. She has a blog, entitled, Jeanne Takenaka, (jeanne-takenaka.com) where she posts her insightful writing and her beautiful photographs. Jeanne generously invited me to contribute a guest post for her blog as a way to help me spread the word about my recently released book, When Grief Descends: Suffering, Consolation, and the Book of Job.

You can find my guest post at Jeanne Takenaka’s website “Grief: One Author’s Lessons From the Book of Job”—Grief is not a complete, linear process. It is complex. #grief #perspective @JeanneTakenaka @EAMorelli

It is possible to purchase When Grief Descends: Suffering, Consolation, and The Book of Job through either Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

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