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Anne's upcoming book intended is for anyone seeking to learn about loss and grief.

Through an authentic and well-researched narration, Anne Mackie Morelli unveils a unique interpretation of the Book of Job, an under-appreciated and, at time, misunderstood book of the Bible. Annes shares her faith, theological and counselling background, with a vulnerable sharing of her own journey of suffering.

The reader is invited to sit alongside Anne, Job and the "miserable comforters" on the ash heap outside the city gates, witness their conversatons with God and with each other.



Anne Mackie Morelli

Anne is a woman of faith who has been profoundly impacted by God’s radical grace and love. Anne is a leader who has worked as a pastor within the church setting, a clinical counsellor within the community setting, and a counsellor and school principal within the public education system. She is attending Trinity Western University studying in the Masters Degree Program in Christian Leadership Studies. Anne has extensive experience of public speaking within secular and faith-based communities, and as a former member of Canada’s Olympic Track Team she has presented numerous times about the discipline and challenges of training and competing at the national and international levels of athletics.

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International #1 Best Selling Author

Anne’s new book is now available.

As a published author,  Anne has also contributed to a number of books including the soon to be released The Courageous Heart and the best-seller Inspirations: 101 Uplifting Stories For Daily Happiness both published by As You Wish Publishing. 



Anne’s Book Launch

June 23, 2020


Anne Mackie Morelli has woven together insightful and well-researched observations from the Job narrative, her own deep experiences of suffering, best practices from the field of counselling, and her expertise as a registered clinical counsellor into a profound and engaging look at how anyone can grow as a theologically-informed and skillful consoling comforter.

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